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ASR-Tech, Produsen LED Display, Mikro Kontroller, Kontraktor Fasilitas Keselamatan Jalan

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OFFICE : Perum Griya Amarta Blok B1-B2 Danurejo, Mertoyudan, Magelang

WORKSHOP : Jl. Japunan-Glagah KM2, Saratan Sumberejo, Mertoyudan, Magelang
Central Java - INDONESIA

MOBILE : +62 812 269 9698 +62 856 437 7931


kontraktor keselamatan jalan, produsen mikro kontroller, produsen LED Display

perusahaan kontraktor umum di bidang Keselamatan Jalan, Produsen LED Display, Mikro Kontroller dan Arsitektur Design

CV . ASR TECH is a general contracting company ( General Contractor ) engaged in the Road Safety,Electronic Works and Architecture Design.After passing through several stages of our company in improving its performance can proudly display our Company Profile CV . ASR TECH.Experience in terms of diverse project work and our success in overcoming all challenges are due to the innovations that we do.We believe that the key to our success are the creativity that we manifest into a work of art and a team work is adequate.

CV.ASR TECH is a company which is competent in handling various road safety projects , electronic work and architecture.In work , we focus on the concept of multi- disciplinary coordination and integritate with the involvement of professional experts in the field and has a lot of experiences in handling coplex projects.While our commitments is to continue and improve the ability and quality of our works as a professional company.